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Titanium Coating Services, Inc. is PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) service provider based out of southern California. We have 15 years of PVD Coating experience with quality and excellent customer service.

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PVD Process & Technology

Physical Vapour Deposition

PVD Coatings are traditionally deposited onto cutting tools and forming tools to extend the┬álife of the tool. There is a very wide range of PVD Coatings from which to choose all having extremely high hardness (2000 – 3500Hv); the choice of coating depends on the application. Coatings have different properties such as hardness, chemical composition, color and Friction coefficient.

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PVD Machines

Designated and innovative vacuum machines for the international market
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Looking to apply a PVD coating to your item but not sure which to choose?


720 N Valley St, Suite G,
Anaheim, CA, 92801

Arizona Facility

1565 W.University Dr, Suite #101,
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