Titanium Coating Services

Titanium Coating Services, Inc. is PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) service provider based out of southern California. We have 15 years of PVD Coating experience with quality and excellent customer service. And we value the opportunity to share our expertise with your company to help you increase the value of your products. Our unique Technology enables us to provide tailored solutions to a wide range of friction and wear problems. We are the unique supplier of the full range of technologies. No other coating provider is able to offer the range of coating technologies offered by us.
Titanium Coating Services, Inc. offers the full range of solutions. We understand that each customer is different and that when it comes to choosing a solution for surface engineering requirement’s, the final choice will depend on our customer’s approach to issues such as core business strategies, outsourcing, production volumes, turnaround and available resources and competences. In order to allow our customers the freedom to pursue their business strategies, we offer the full range of business solutions. We are experienced with the full range of business concepts from coating services or coating center at your facilities to coating equipment and peripheries and joint ventures or other ideas our customers may propose. The final choice is up to you.


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